Who is a broker

Who is a broker?

Insurance broker:

  • Is an independent insurance intermediary, carrying out activities on behalf of a client of concluding or intermediating in the conclusion of the insurance contract.

  • Acts for and on behalf of the client on the basis of the authorization granted

  • identifies the risks at the client and advises in the field of insurance,

  • negotiates agreements with insurance companies, seeks for the best offer on the market for his client, manages claims administers insurance contracts (insurance policies).

  • has an Authorisation Of The FSC and is included on a list of brokers (article 20 of 22 May 2003 on Insurance Brokering OJ 2003 No 124 POS. 1154).

  • it has a mandatory brokerage activities liability insurance in accordance with regulation of the Minister of Finance dated 24 June 2005 (OJ 2005 No 122 item. 1028).

  • for its work it does not receive any remuneration from the client

(Remuneration for all services resulting from the granted power of attorney for the company ActioBroker, is so called commission, which is a determined amount received from the insurance company, with which the client enters into a contract of insurance. The commission does not affect the amount of premium)