Group health insurance

Author: Dominika Ziemkiewicz – Director of the Health and life Insurance Office

Employees’ insurance market in Poland was recently dominated by life policies. For several years, the second important pillar of the insurance sector is group health insurance.


Health insurance is a modern solution that easily allows you to use private health services without incurring high costs. This is a very good alternative to queues and long waiting for service in the National Health Fund and to expensive health care in private clinics.

In the group health insurance for a monthly premium fee, which is usually less than one-time cost of private medical visit, the Insured benefits from the unlimited scope of insurance, which he chooses. In the group health insurance, each employee chooses variant, depending on its needs.

The insurer under the contract guarantees employees a cashless access to medical services. The insurance company assumes the responsibility to arrange for the client medical visits and tests in accordance with the preferences of a particular institution, in particular practitioner, and in indicated by the Insured time. The speed of the service, visit set on selected date and time in the renowned private medical facility is a determinant of well-functioning health program.

A special feature of health insurance is the lack of catchment area which is the availability of services throughout the country. Only the Insured chooses the location where he wants the service to be appointed, regardless of its place of residence or stay. For frequent private or business travellers it is the ideal solution to ensure safety in every place of residence.

In the group form of health insurance program, through economies of scale, individual customer gets a lower price than retail, but what is more important he is not asked about the state of his health as often happens in individual programs. Therefore, by creating a health insurance policy in the workplace, we gain access for all employees to insure, regardless of the worker’s medical history.

The important functionality of group health insurance is the possibility to insure, apart the Employee, his family members as well in the so-called family packages. This means that apart from the main Insured his spouse or partner and children can join to the insurance.

Many employers seek different approaches to expand the benefits for its employees. Non-financial elements of wage are very different, often dependent on the industry the entrepreneur represents. Until recently, so popular company cars or cell phones, now have to give way to group health insurance as the most desired by employees non-financial benefits.

The popularity of health programs among employees is the result of continuous shortcomings in terms of accessibility to public health services. However, even among employers, this form of remuneration of employees is highly scored. Owners, as a rule, raise salaries, but they are aware that the increase is always occupied by the costs of social insurance on the side of employer and employee, and the tax costs. Therefore, an interesting alternative to raising the salary of the employee is buying him a group health insurance. The provisions of the Act clearly regulate that the premium for health insurance program is exempt from the social insurance fee on the side of Employers and the Social Insurance regardless of the price of health insurance is decreased to PLN 1 on the side of Employee.

Thanks to the implementation of group health insurance Employers gain measurable savings, but also they build modern models of salaries for its employees. Insurers allow to high flexibility in the introduction of a health program for employees. Therefore Entrepreneurs can use this solution as a tool to govern the personnel in their companies. The Employer can decide whether to buy health insurance for all workers or only for the selected, in the form of prize or award for key employees.


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