About Us

ActioBroker company was established in 2015 from the transformation of the Brokerage Office Iwona Frydryszek which operates in Bydgoszcz since 1995 under license No 513 issued by the Ministry of Finance. Due to the dynamic development the legal form of the company changed, which under the authorization of the Financial Supervision Commission to pursue brokerage activities in the field of insurance No. 2137/15, continues to work exclusively with PWS Konstanta S.A. since 2004. Our team has specialised in the development and preparation of insurance bonds securing domestic, international, construction contracts as well as contracts for obtaining grants from the European Union. Throughout our more than twenty years’ activity we have gained recognition of companies and organizations from very different industries and specialisations. We provide our clients with full professionalism of the service offered thanks to the extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge.


Our main task is:


  • the analysis of the existing insurance ( conducting the insurance audit),

  • the preparation of the individual coverage program (the future security of the insured depends on the shape and structure of the contract)

  • to negotiate conditions with Insurance Companies

  • to monitor insurance contracts and customer needs

  • to help in the process of liquidation of the incurred damages

23 the number of Insurance Companies we work with


2158 policies issued annually


20 years of experience on the market


653 bonds issued annually